This is a very simple WordPress theme.
It is easy to use as a base for website production.

Concept of “Arkhe”

The WordPress theme “Arkhe” was developed with the aim of

The best theme for your production base


The license is 100% GPL. It is also registered in the official directory, so you can use it for production with confidence.

Very simple

The design is ready to use as it is.Moreover, since there is no useless decoration, it is easy to overwrite CSS.

Core-Blocks adjusted

The core block is adjusted so that the content can be assembled sufficiently. Please leave it to us to support WordPress updates.

Easy to customize

The “part-templates” are finely separated. Therefore, you can freely customize and use it from child themes and plugins.

Minimum update

It’s simple, so we can minimize the frequency of theme updates. The management costs will be low.

Easy to expand

An extension plugin for Arkhe is also available. There are also useful plugins for the same developer.

Arkhe is just the foundation.

Add your creative ideas and evolve freely.

Plugins for Arkhe

The Arkhe theme itself contains minimal functionality.

However, it is also possible to easily introduce convenient functions with dedicated plugins.

It is still sold only on the Japanese page.

Arkhe Blocks Pro

Block collection plugin for Arkhe.

Arkhe Tools

A plugin that extends Arkhe more conveniently.

Arkhe Wookit

A plugin to make Arkhe compatible with WooCommerce

Made in Japan

Arkhe is made by the Japanese (@ddryo_loos).

Now let’s look at the important things.

Use Arkhe for efficient production.
The theme is listed in the official WordPress directory, so anyone can use it immediately.